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In 2015 I created the concept for ANNE+. I wanted to make a series about a lesbian character,  as there was and still is a lack of lesbian and queer representation in films and series. Together with director Valerie Bisscheroux - with whom I talked a lot  about queer representation - I developed the series and got things started. I am the sole screenwriter of the series. The leading role of Anne is played by Hanna van Vliet, who is also involved as co-creator of the show. The biggest part of the cast and crew is  part of the LGBTQ+ community. And that really translates into the series. It was made with so much love and dedication. 


Season 1 was a co-production of the ANNE+ Foundation and Millstreet Films, season 2 was a co-production of Millstreet Films and BNNVARA. Season 1 (6x11 minutes) premiered as a web series in YouTube and was shown at film festivals around the world like Tribeca Film Festival, MixBrasil, Outfest and Inside Out. Season 2 (8x25) got renewed as a television series and was broadcasted at BNNVARA on NPO3.

We got a lot of world wide response to the series. Many of the messages we have gotten and are still getting are from queer people who are feeling scene, from closeted people who now feel a bit more comfortable about themselves and from anyone who recognizes themself in Anne. It's been absolutely heartwarming and overwhelming and it shows the importance of telling queer stories.