I grew up in a small city called Edam, which is near Amsterdam. I went to high school in Amsterdam, where I first got in touch with theatre through the drama course I took for six years. In 2016 I finished my Theatre Studies degree at the University of Amsterdam. I had been in love with theatre from a young age wanted to learn more about that, though I'd been obsessed with movies and series as well. I wrote and directed a play in the last year of my study in my own time. I studied a semester at the University of Sussex where I took a Film Studies and creative & critical writing course. My love for screenwriting began to grow more and more. When I created the concept for ANNE+ in 2015, I knew it had to be a series, so that many people would be able to watch it.

From then on, I wrote both seasons of ANNE+, worked on a web series as a co-writer and am now developing various projects like a feature film, two drama series and I'm even working on a book. Everything I write feels personal, whether it's about queer love, about mourning, friendship or struggling with adulthood.