queering storytelling

Around the world, there is a serious lack of positive, nuanced representation of queer characters and storylines. As a queer writer and filmmaker I want to make a difference. It is my personal mission to write LGBTQ+ characters and storylines and embed this in any film or series I will make. I think it's important to let queer people tell queer stories. We know how important it is to feel seen in films, series and popular culture.


I feel a strong urge and responsibility to create real, vulnerable characters. I want to write about the LGBTQ+ community, about women and people who don't fit the binary. About people simply connecting with each other. About people making daring decisions for themselves, who are still searching for who they are and what they want in life, or people who know this already and are fighting for their worth. People who are learning to love themselves. Who are still figuring things out. Because that can be a long process.

Let's queer up film and television.

Representation matters.